Here’s How KCS Can Help You…

With a focus on municipalities and public utilities, Kersey Consulting Services, LLC helps communities assess their broadband opportunities, and then get their fiber projects planned and built. Based on years of hands-on experience building and operating broadband networks, Kersey Consulting Services, LLC offers its clients a flexible array of consulting services from planning to deployment, and beyond.

Project Feasibility and Project Planning

  • Feasibility Studies and Market Surveys
  • Business Plans/TN Comptroller Business Plans
  • Financial Model Development and Forecasting
  • Rate and Service Development
  • Business Model Strategies
  • Applications to State Regulatory Agencies
  • Network Technology Platform Selection
  • Contractor and Supplier RFP Development and Selection
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Staffing Needs
  • Leveraging your Existing Fiber Assets
Project Deployment and Operational Improvements

  • Marketing and Customer Acquisition Strategies
  • Commercial and Residential Rates and Packaging
  • Customer Billing Practices
  • Staffing and Organizational Structure
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Installation and Maintenance Procedures
  • Third-Party Service Provider Agreements
  • Employee Training

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